What is BRILLIANT Acoustic?

BRILLIANT Acoustics are printable stretched wall and ceiling systems made up of a polyester lining with a polyurethane coating and invisible micro-perforations. Our system has a Class “A” NRC rating and is laboratory-tested for maximum sound absorption and insulation.

Seamless Sound Absorption

Unlike most other PVC stretch materials, BRILLIANT™ Acoustic system is installed at room temperature, and is mounted onto a proprietary profile system that spans the entire perimeter of a wall and ceiling. This ensures that all hardware is con- cealed to ensure a smooth, seamless appearance with superior sound control.

This system can also be used to create custom sized acoustic panels. Panels can be mounted or hung from any ceiling or structure.

When combined with insulation, BRILLIANT Acoustic creates a Class A sound absorption solution that can dramatically enhance sound quality, reduce noise transference and room echoes.

The Benefits of Being BRILLIANT

BRILLIANT Acoustic wall and ceiling products:

  • Offers high performance Class “A” sound absorption (NRC)
  • Passes ASTM E-84 Standard Test Method (Flame Spread)
  • Delivers smooth, seamless results
  • Creates warm, attractive custom environments
  • Designed for a perfect fit — no seams or sagging
  • Constructed of eco-friendly materials
  • Anti-Microbial and Mildew protection
  • Does not crack, blister, or fade
  • Provides thermal insulation
  • Can be quickly and easily installed by a certified Installer
Brilliant for

Superior Sound Insulation

Thicker than traditional stretched wall and ceiling systems, BRILLIANT Acoustic materials are manufactured with a thick foam backing that is specially designed to absorb ambient noise and stop unwanted sound transmission.


Stunning Décor

A technology that the market has long been waiting for, The Brilliant Acoustic system is the perfect blend of digital print technology, which allows for an attractive and innovative design solution, and sound absorption.

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