BRILLIANT Design Possibilities.

From cool and contemporary to classic and traditional, BRILLIANT Wall and Ceiling Systems are ideal for any space, any style, and any surface. Choose from hundreds of images, patterns, and solid colors — or find out how our graphics studio can assist you in bringing you own custom vision to life.

How it works

A BRILLIANT Installation, Each and Every Time.

The installation process employs a proprietary profile system. It is clean, quiet, and does not require any advance prep work or removal of furniture. Durable, flexible and non-toxic, our architectural textile system can be applied to any surface. It easily fits behind lights and ceiling fixtures, bends around corners, curves, edges, and more. Ideal for new builds or renovation projects.

Find what system is right for your application. Systems may also be integrated to optimize different aspects of your project.


Application suggestions:

  • Wall Art
  • Accent Walls or Ceilings
  • Logo integration for your office or storefront
  • POS/POP displays for sales and marketing

Transform your out-of-date, boring space (Lobby, Retail Store, Office, Worship etc..) into a vibrant attractive interior environment. Let our design professionals create your interior or provide a picture, photograph or theme that can then be part of your one of a kind interior.


Application suggestions:

  • Healthcare: MRI/Hospitals/Healthcare Centers/Dental
  • Retail POS/POP Displays or Walls
  • Night Clubs
  • Restaurants

Brilliants LED backlit systems highlight unique wall/ceiling images and designs. These systems can create an openness that takes the lid off your ceiling to create an outdoor feel or amplify amazing images. With LED technology we can create motion behind your system or change color of lighting to go with any theme anytime of day or night. This textile can also be rear projected.


Application suggestions:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Libraries/Theatre/Entertainment Venues
  • Worship

Vivid interiors with sound optimization. Brilliant acoustic systems offer high performance sound absorption while at the same time adding to the overall aesthetic of your interior. No need for additional ugly, bulky acoustic panels, or dated acoustic tiles on your ceiling – instead bring any idea/theme, picture or photograph to life which is uniquely incorporated into your Brilliant Acoustic System.


Application suggestions:

  • Home Theatres
  • Amphitheaters
  • Hotels/Ballrooms
  • Bars/Restaurants/Night Clubs

As electronic technology continues to evolve such as your high definition T.V’s & projectors, you will need a high performance projection screen that can adapt. Brilliants Projection Blackout Screen out performs the competition with its unique black backer, which omits light and allows you to maximize the technology of your High Definition Projector (new or old). This product can also be integrated into any of Brilliants Systems to be used as a wall that transforms into a screen or for screen use only. For the highest in HD performance – make it Brilliant Projection Blackout!


Application suggestions:

  • Home Theatres
  • Hotels/Information Hallways & Common areas
  • Restaurants/Night Clubs
  • Cosmetic retail, projection screens

Brilliants most unique textile is appropriately named “Star” for both its versatility and its sparkling nature. Metallic flakes incorporated into the fabric provide a one of a kind look. As the light shines on the fabric the metallic flakes provide a delicate crystal glimmer. Our Star textile comes in four different colors. Our Star silver not only helps to amplify your projectors HD performance, but also adds to the overall esthetic. When used with our Brilliant System, this fabric allows you to project onto a portion of a wall or seamlessly project onto the entire wall while providing a sleek look in your surroundings.


However complex your needs are , you can combine any portion of any of our systems to achieve all solutions necessary for your optimum interior environment.

Our national network of BRILLIANT Systems installers are all certified and trained in our state-of the-art facility. If you are looking to become a Brilliant System Installer or Reseller please contact us at

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